Cash and Future Indices Trading

Stock indices comprise shares of a specific country or industry, often weighted in the index based on market capitalisation. Due to the distribution across several shares, the individual risk is lower with indices compared to individual shares.

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Cash Indices

Currency Base
Swap Long
Swap Short
AUS200.cAUDAustralia 200 Cash Index5%-262.8180.7160
ES35.cEURSpain 35 Cash Index10%-462.4120.2040
STOXX50.cEUREuro 50 Cash index5%-203.6780.090
F40.cEURFrance 40 Cash Index5%-315.4520.1390
UK100.cGBPUK 100 Cash Index5%-261.82220.5530
DE40.cEURGermany 40 Cash index5%-505.1211.1520.8
SWI20.cCHFSwitzerland 20 Cash index10%-341.988-152.6630
DJ30.cUSDDow Jones 305%-894.801370.4470
HK50.cHKDHong Kong10%-415.5081.2550
NE25.cEURNetherlands 25 Cash Index10%-38.1610.0160

Future Indices

Currency Base
Swap Long
Swap Short
CHINAH.fHKDChina H-Shares10%000
HK50.fHKDHong Kong10%000
US500.fUSDSPX500 Future5%000
DE40.fEURGermany 40 Future5%000
DJ30.fUSDDow Jones 30 Future5%000
USTEC.fUSDNAS100 Future5%000
ES35.fEURSpain 35 Future10%000
SWI20.fCHFSwitzerland 20 Future10%000
UK100.fGBPUK 100 future5%000
DX.fUSDDollar Index10%000
JPN225.fJPYJAPAN 225 Future5%000
NE25.fEURNetherlands 25 Future10%000
VIX.fUSDVolatility Index Future10%000
US2000.fUSDUS Small Cap 2000 Future10%000
F40.fEURFrance 40 Future10%000
AUS200.fAUDAustralia 200 Future10%000
SING.fSGDSingapore Index Future10%000
IND50.fUSDIndia 50 Future10%000
EURUSD.fUSDEurodollar Future10%000

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DE40.c from €0.80 cents

DE40.c from €0.80 cents

US500.c from $0.75 cents

US500.c from $0.75 cents

DJ30.c from $1.2 dollars

DJ30.c from $1.2 dollars

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