CFD Futures Trading

Thunder Markets offers futures CFDs based on futures contracts that are traded, for example, on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). Furthermore, there is no delivery of the underlying asset with futures CFDs.


Currency Base
Swap Long
Swap Short
JPN225.H24JPYJAPAN 225 Expiring Futures Mar 24Exp - 5/3/202420%0019
SB.H24USDUS Sugar Expiring Futures Mar 24 Exp - 21/02/202410%0019
DE40.H24EURGermany 40 Future Mar 24 Exp - 13/03/20245%002.49278
DJ30.H24USDDow Jones 30 Future Mar 24 Exp - 13/03/20245%002.4
USTEC.H24USDNAS100 Future Mar 24 Exp - 13/03/20245%001.5
US500.H24USDSPX500 Future Mar 24 Exp - 13/03/20245%000.6
DX.H24USDDollar Index Futures Mar 24 Exp - 14/03/202410%000.6
XAUUSD.J24USDGold Future Apr 2024 - Exp 21/03/20245%000.25
NGAS.H24USDNGAS Expiring Futures Mar 24 Exp - 22.02.202410%000.25
COFFEE.K24USDUS Coffee Expiring Futures May 24 Exp - 11/04/202410%000.011
COPPER.K24USDCopper Expiring May 24 Exp - 17/04/202410%000.0029
USOIL.J24USDUS OIL Future Apr 24 Exp - 15/03/202410%000.03
NE25.H24EURNetherlands 25 Expiring Futures Mar 24 Exp - 14/03/202410%000.03
NGAS.J24USDNGAS Expiring Futures April 24 Exp - 21/03/202410%000.03
SB.K24USDUS Sugar Expiring Futures May 24 Exp - 22/04/202410%000.052
FLG.M24GBPUK Long Gilt Expiring Futures June 24 Exp - 28/05/20245%000.05
TY10.M24USDUS 10yr T-Note Expiring Futures June 24 Exp - 29/05/20245%000.052
UKBRENT.K24USDCrude Oil Brent Expiring Futures May 24 Exp - 25/03/202410%000.052
SILVER.K24USDSilver Expiring Futures May 24 Exp - 25/04/202420%000.024
VIX.fUSDVolatility Index Future10%000.024
US2000.fUSDUS Small Cap 2000 Future10%000.024
US2000.H24USDUS Small Cap 2000 Expiring Futures Mar 24 Exp - 13/03/202410%000.024
UK100.H24GBPUK 100 Expiring Futures Mar 24 Exp - 14/03/20245%000.024
SWI20.H24CHFSwitzerland 20 Expiring Futures Mar 24 Exp - 14/03/202410%000.024
VIX.H24USDVolatility Index Expiring Futures Mar 24 Exp - 18/03/202410%000.024
CC.K24USDUS Cocoa Expiring Futures May 24 Exp- 09/04/202410%000.024
F40.H24EURFrance 40 Expiring Futures Mar 24 Exp - 14/03/202410%000.024
ES35.H24EURSpain 35 Expiring Futures Mar 24 Exp - 14/03/202410%000.024
CT.K24USDUS Cotton Expiring Futures May 24 Exp - 22/04/202410%000.27
HK50.H24HKDHong Kong Expiring Futures Mar 24 Exp - 25/03/202410%000.27
SOYB.K24USDSoybean Expiring Futures May 24 Exp - 26/04/202410%001.90795
USCORN.K24USDCorn Expiring Futures May 24 Exp - 26/04/202410%001.54696
USWHEAT.K24USDWheat Expiring Futures May 24 Exp - 26/04/202410%001.55695

Futures are suitable for hedging a portfolio or speculating on price movements.

Thunder Markets offers you a professional access to futures CFDs on indices, commodities, fuels, precious metals and bonds.

Compared to spot CFDs, futures CFDs are ideal instruments for handling larger trading volumes.

Our asset classes <1>at a glance</1>

Our asset classes at a glance

On our trading platform you have access to over 400 different CFDs

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Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. We recommend that you seek independent advice and ensure you fully understand the risks involved before trading. It is important that you read and consider disclosure documents before you acquire any product listed on the website.

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