MT4 Multi Account Manager

The Thunder MAM Account is ideal for money managers who own a network of investors, and are looking for a customized trading environment to manage their clients' funds.

Execute your trading strategies efficiently, from a single master MT4 trading account terminal, and your trades will seamlessly mirror to your clients’ individual trading accounts in real time.

Thunder Markets can facilitate and deliver a customized trading environment to meet your professional needs, in order for you to generate an alpha return in all market conditions.

Integrity, determination and transparency are the three principles to define the success of our partnership, while delivering quality services and outstanding customer support at all times.

MT4 Multi Account Manager

Trading Conditions
Overview of the total investor funds5000
Account CurrencyEUR, USD, CHF, AUD
Client Funds Safety*Yes
Margin Call / Stop Out200% / 50%
Maximum Leverage up to1:400
Commission on Equities0.1% HT
Spreads with commission (EURUSDc)from 0.0 pips
Spreads without commission (EURUSD)from 2.0 pips
Commission Forex symbols (EURUSD)0
Commission Forex c-symbols (EURUSDc)*$8 HT
FX CFDs Min Trade Volume in Lots0.01
FX CFDs Max Trade Volume in Lots100
Trading PlatformMT4
Access to Trading SignalsYes
Access on 12 Expert AdvisorsYes
Access on 15 Chart IndicatorsYes
Access on Thunder Volume ONE and TWOYes
Connect Unlimited Investor AccountsYes
Instant Allocation to Connected AccountsYes
Ideal to install EAs and Other AppsYes
Direct Phone Line with Qualified SupportYes


(HT)* Half Turn Per Transaction

* Overnight rollover interest rates and swap fee charges may apply when holding several open positions for more than 10 days, weekends included.

** Read the Swap Free Islamic Trading Account terms and conditions.

*** Traders who are misusing the swap-free islamic account, their positions will close instantly and the trading account will be closed.

How does the Thunder MAM Account work?

Thunder Markets Multi Account Manager (MAM) is an integrated software to install on your MT4 trading platform. It allows you to place unlimited orders of any size, in bulk, and instantly will be mirrored to an unlimited number of sub-accounts which are connected with the Master MAM Account.

The Money Manager can manage the investors' funds as a pool according to the chosen allocation method by implementing its trading strategy.

Upon profit creation, the Money Manager receives the agreed percentage profit share which will be deducted from the total amount of the realised profit.

In case that there is a loss, there will be no performance fee applied for the Money Manager, and the investor balance will consume the losses based on the initial percentage fund allocation.

Thunder MT4 MAM Features and Benefits

Various trading strategies implementable

Leverage up to 1:400

Ultra-Fast Order Execution

Multiple Allocation Methods

Single Interface Multi Account Control

Seamless Funds Allocation Management

Trade over 400 CFD Instruments

Customizable Trading Conditions

Trade Account Detailed Reporting

Automated Commission Setup

How to Get started with Thunder Markets

  1. 1

    Complete Registration

    Create an account, upload documentation and start your trading journey in minutes

  2. 2

    Request MAM

    Sign Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA), Money Manager Agreement containing your trading strategy profile and specifications

  3. 3

    Onboard Investors

    Invite investors to join Thunder Markets, setup trading terms and start trading on behalf of your investors

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