Often used to gauge potential inflationary pressure on the economy, commodities are susceptible to sudden price movements that may present trading opportunities.

THUNDER MARKETS CFD range offers a diverse way to trade the world’s most popular commodities with tight variable spreads.

CFD Energies

Name Max. Ticket Size
Trading Session
UKOIL.cCrude Oil Brent Cash10,000Mon. 03:00 - Fri. 00:00
WTI_OILWest Texas Intermediate Crude Oil cash
10,000Mon. 01:00 - Fri. 00:00

CFD Metals

Min. Ticket Size
Max. Ticket Size
Trading Steps (Lots)
Contract Size
XAGEURSilver vs Euro0.011000.015000EUR
XAGUSDSilver vs US Dollar0.011000.015000USD
XAUEURGold vs Euro0.01500.01100EUR
XAUUSDGold vs US Dollar0.01500.01100USD
XPDUSDPalladium vs US Dollar1500011USD
XPTUSDPlatinum vs US Dollar1500011USD